Grass Seeds Review & Comparison 2019

The best Grass Seeds in Review

The best Grass Seeds

Here you see the comparison winners, best lists and novelties at a glance. Valuable tips on Grass Seeds, as well as Grass Seeds videos, advice, a Grass Seeds checklist and what to look out for when buying Grass Seeds. With our list of the best Grass Seeds you are always on the right page. In our Grass Seeds comparison, we have included different ratings and comparisons in the selection. At the same time, this also results in lists of the best, with which all customer wishes can be fulfilled. The following lists are divided into comparisons, offers to save money and new publications.

The TOP 20 Grass Seeds at a glance

GroundMaster Hard Wearing Tough Garden Premium Back Lawn Grass Seed (1KG)
  • HARD WEARING - Provides you with a incredible thick well wearing hardy lawn to last throughout the year.
  • SPECIALISED - The perfect grass seed mix for a hardy lawn expecting regular use. Perfect for well lived in gardens!
  • EFFECTIVE - Used for repairing existing lawns or creating new ones, delivering thicker green grass in just a few days.
  • QUALITY BRAND - With renowned quality, GroundMaster guarantees superb results for your lawn.
  • PLEASE NOTE - All orders 5KG or over will be sent in multiples of 5KG bags. Images for illustrator purposes only, orders sent in plain white bags.
10kg Top Quality Grass Seed / Lawn Seed - (A1LAWN AM Pro Landscape) - covers approx. 285 sq metres - DEFRA registered
  • Simply the best seed on the market! Our lush, green, hard-wearing landscape mix.
  • Contains: 40% Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass (Fine leaved & hard-wearing), 50% Strong Creeping Red Fescue, 10% Chewings Fescue.
  • Sowing rate for this seed is 35g per m2
  • This 10kg bag will cover approx. 285 m2
  • FERA registered seed merchants (no.7396)
Gro-Sure Multi-Purpose Grass Lawn Seed, 15 m2, 450 g
  • Excellent bird deterrent
  • Shows where seeds have been sown
  • Hard wearing lawn seed patch pack
The Grass People SUPERSTAR: Back Lawn 10kg Grass Seed Lawn Seed Perfect for Families, Luxury Lawn, High Quality lawn, Hard Wearing and Attractive Grass Lawn
  • PREMIUM Quality grass seed that produces a healthy long lasting, hard wearing, lush and attractive lawn. Created for UK Climates.
  • LUXURY Lawn seed that is hard wearing and ideal for a busy back lawn. If your garden is a place for play, pets and/or relaxation then this mixture is the one for you.
  • TESTED Rigorously in our in-house laboratory to ensure they not only meet but exceed current EU standards of purity and germination.
  • QUALITY ASSURED seed from The Grass People. Registered and certified by DEFRA. Approved and Tested by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI). Recommended by the British Society of Plant Breeders (BSPB).
  • COVERAGE Options, 2kg bag will cover 40m2 - 10kg bag will cover 200m2 - 20kg bag will cover 400m2.
EverGreen 118016 Lawn Seed, Brown, 2.4 kg
  • Fast acting lawn seed with 4 days germination* (in optimal growing conditions)
  • Contains Headstart gold, a grass seed coating which ensures rapid germination
  • Stronger roots for a dense and hard-wearing lawn
  • A professional grade seed for ideal results that grows in any garden conditions
  • Use from March to September
Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Dog Spot Repair 1293g
  • Easy-to-use, one step solution for lawns damaged by dogs and other animals
  • 3-in-1 mix of grass seed, coir and gypsum that repairs bare patches on the lawn quickly and easily
  • Contains gypsum - a calcium rich mineral which neutralises and repairs urine burns in lawns, rebalancing the soil nutrient levels. This helps the grass seeds to germinate and flourish.
  • Enhanced grass seed mix of high performance varieties
  • The grass seed is surrounded by coir which absorbs 6x its weight in water and expands to surround the seed in a moist protective layer
Canada Green 3604 Grass Seed, 1kg
  • Canada Green amazing grass seed mixture
  • Guarantees you a lusher thicker lawn
  • Sprout super fast in as little as 14 days
  • Transforms tired lawns, grows in difficult places
Canada Green Grass Seed, 500 Grams
  • Canada Green amazing grass seed mixture
  • Guarantees you a lusher thicker lawn
  • Sprout super fast in as little as 14 days
  • Transforms tired lawns, grows in difficult places
EverGreen Easy Spreader Plus
  • Designed for the easy application of EverGreen lawn treatment products and grass seed
  • Sophisticated dispensing mechanism with adjustable settings to ensure correct application rate
  • Drop spreader allows accurate application, preventing product from escaping out the sides and landing on beds and borders
  • Easy to assemble
  • Convenient on/off switch for safe turn-around

There are countless Grass Seeds products. With our comparisons you are on the right side.

Current Grass Seeds Offers

In the following Grass Seeds comparison table you can see products with current offers or savings compared to the normal price. Often it is not helpful to compare only the test winners, since these cost possibly also more and have a higher purchase price. Not with everyone the purse sits loosely.

In addition to the Grass Seeds product image, they see the most important features, ratings and price. However, the table with the current best Grass Seeds offers can often be identical with the bestseller list.

1 kg Grass Seed Covers 35 sqm (380 sq ft) - Premium Quality Seed - Fast Growing - Hard Wearing Lawn Seed - Tailored to UK Climate - Trademark Registered - 100% Refund
  • QUALITY & QUICK: #1 Best Seller. Premium quality and quick to establish grass seed, a hard-wearing and economical grass lawn seed mixture. We offer a 100% GUARANTEE and REFUND if you are unhappy with the results.
  • UK TAILORED: Lawn seed tailored to the UK climate, contains a seed mixture of 43% Dwarf Amenity Ryegrass, 40% Creeping Red Fescue, 12% Chewings Fescue and 5% Brown Top Bent.
  • CERTIFIED: Registered & certified by DEFRA. Highly acclaimed grass seed mix varieties. Delivers you a lusher, thicker, greener lawn in days. Trademark registered.
  • WIDE COVERAGE: Covers up to 35 square metres (380 sq ft) for new lawns and 55 square metres (580 sq ft) for existing lawns. Mowing height of grass is 12mm.
  • EFFECTIVE: Highly effective grass seed for creating new lawns, repairing bare patches or improving existing grass. Delivered in a canvas grass seed bag, with the DEFRA label attached.
Gro-Sure Aqua Gel Coated Smart Grass Lawn Seed, 25 m2, 1 kg
  • Guaranteed to grow* grass seed that will grow in shady, hardwearing, patchy or full sun areas; ideal for over seeding, repairs or new lawn establishment
  • Seed is coated in a aqua gel to help protect the seed from drying out while germinating, increasing germination success
  • Seed has been coated in an additional protective blue coating to reduce the likelihood of bird attacks reducing seed loss to wildlife
  • Seeds blue coating also helps identify where the seed has been sown as you apply
  • This products packaging features an in built seed applicator for simple and even application
Fast Growing Premium Bio Treated Grass Seed - 1 kg - Covers 35 sqm (380 sq ft) (PRO 60) by Northern Plants
  • Fast Growing Premium Bio Treated Grass Seed - 1 kg - Covers 30 sqm (325 sq ft)
  • A premium quality hard wearing mixture, with added GroMax Bio Treatment, that will establish rapidly. Ideal for creating new lawns, repairing bare patches or improving existing lawns.mmercial products are now available direct to gardeners throughout the UK here on Amazon. Enjoy the same success as commercial nurseries with this exclusive range to Amazon customers brought by Andy's Aqua and Garden plants and the team here at Northern Plants.
  • Our premium and exclusive 4turf Tetraploid ryegrass delivers very fast establishment, greatly improved colour, increased drought tolerance, and incredible disease resistance. Improving performance and reducing management costs. Contains only STRI
  • Improving performance and reducing management costs. Contains only STRI UK listed cultivars.
  • Our grass seed comes with added Gromax professional grass treatment in order to maximise plant development. Greatly IMPROVES ESTABLISHMENT, stimulates root growth, improves tolerance to stress and enhances water & nutrient uptake.
Miracle-Gro Patch Magic Grass Seed, Feed & Coir 1015g
  • Easy-to-use, one step solution to repair patches on lawn
  • Guaranteed to grow anywhere, even on slopes as it contains a binder which helps to keep the seed from washing away
  • Distinct formula containing coir which absorbs up to 6x its own weight in water surrounding the seed in a protective layer
  • Grows 2x thicker than ordinary grass seed, with half the water
  • Enhanced quality seed, free from agricultural grasses

Grass Seeds New Releases

When buying products, it is not always the case that you really want them. Often Grass Seeds is also bragged about before others – after all, you have purchased the most modern and newest product!

The following list is the ideal solution for all those who want to attract attention and always have the latest and completely new Grass Seedss at a glance!

Checklist for the purchase of Grass Seeds

  1. Which size is the best at Grass Seeds?
  2. Are there any manufacturers or brands that are particularly recommended for Grass Seeds?
  3. What does Grass Seeds cost?
  4. Costs for possible care and cleaning – Do you need extras that you might want to order at the same time?
  5. Material: high-quality workmanship is reflected in the price, but usually lasts longer.
  6. Depending on the Grass Seeds material, the weight can also be affected.

Grass Seeds Videos


There are clearly a few points to consider, especially with Grass Seeds. Be it the material or the size or the possible maintenance effort. Nevertheless, the aspects listed above should not be disregarded. Grass Seeds offers, best lists but also new publications can always be found on our website.

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